I have been thinking about this for some time. Ever since the release of ACR, my interest in the series has progressively deteriorated -- everything I loved about AC, the stuff that captured me in AC1... is gone. And in ACR they managed to take away the fun and complexity AC2 and ACBH brought to the series by doing a game simply for the spite of it, with a money focused released every year, like Call of Duty does. Ubisoft disheartened me, but worse, I realized my interest in the wiki itself was fading. It´s been 2 weeks since the thought first crossed my mind, and I feel it´s time I finally follow my path again.

For almost 3 years, I have led this place. It started with me as a sole editor on a 7-article site and I helped it become a 2000+ article online encyclopedia. I am behind the recruitment of the staff and the focus on community instead of sole-content, I have overseen and managed the implementation of new portals, WikiAlliances, the Apprentice Initiative and the FanSection. With the addition of new and capable editors, I have seen increasingly less edits made by me, and focused solely on administrative matters, and now, the final stage of my duty is complete: the staff understands the importance of the community, Sima sees that "noobs" have their value, as have anyone else, and the fight I had EVERY singleday with most people here that a wiki should be more than just a content box but also a place to people socialize has been heard. There are plans to put the wikichat back up again to allow users who don´t use the IRC to be part of the community (something I always defended but most staff deemed unworthy due to their belief that people who aren´t "smart" enough to use IRC shouldn´t be here anyway) and other ideas to bring the community closer.

I do not know what will happen to this place, but I am sure this place will see more movement this year due to AC3 release, regardless of who or whos are in charge. I do know, though, that I have build this place to last with or without me, and it will last, at least for the year or so to come.

I have requested the closing of all my wiki accounts, and I´ll not be coming back to see talkpages or comments or anything -- my words are always final. I have spent the last week warning my IGN, Ubisoft, Wikia and similar contacts of my retiremnt, and I´m transferring my powers to Sima and Vatsa -- as most staff has defended lately, it´s time no one take a decision alone, but the community as a whole. Also, I authorize Kaishiro to transfer my ownership of the IRC #ACWiki channel to Sima or someone else. As a last wish, regardless if the staff really loses it´s authority as have been discussed or they come back on that word, I request a vote be made in the name of User:DarkFeather to grant him rollback or sysop powers -- whichever is more suitable. Feather is one of the most honraded persons I ever knew, and he will be a great asset and companion to anyone who´s worthy, and to the wiki. He is, in a word, awesome.

For the future administration team, I say this:

  1. Don´t let power get in your head, and leaders ALWAYS have a bullseye on his/her back. I have been loved and hated, but I always put the wiki first and got things done.
  2. Try to cultivate a great relation with users and Wikia in general -- this will help you more than you know.
  3. Don´t be afraid to speak your mind -- specially on your personal oppinions. You shouldn´t hold your tongue out of unearned respect to Ubisoft or anyone except they give you reasons to respect them as more than a bussiness oriented company.

That being said, very few are born to lead, and most who rise to positions get affected -- I see that specially on the fact that most people love the staff, but once they get in and see they have power, they progressively change and start thinking they can do better. That is a mistake everyone should strive to outcome. I have confidence, not ego -- there is a diference between both, but you must not be blinded to see it.

And now... I´ll be going. I have a big journey ahead, and I have a new ship and crew waiting for me =] It has been a pleasure to serve with you -- all of you.

I have always been the Ezio of this place. And I´m tired of this life. I´ve done a lot, I sacrificed a lot. Now, I found my Sophia, and I am hanging my hood, forever.

I am retiring from wiki.

My time here has ended. Take what I have taught you, and use it well.

Forever yours, your loving Mentore.

-- D. Cello 16:31, April 1, 2012 (UTC)


posted on: 16:31, April 1, 2012 (UTC))

"Never give up. Never surrender."

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