Hello, my luvs!

It's me, your lovely, handsome, heRoic and overly the top of all that's common and awesome, friendly and sexy neighbor, Cello!

So... I guess some of you want in at my lovely and fantastical legendary squad of awesome people that run this wiki and make it possible for users AAALL around the world to gather knowledge of this incredible franchise that is Assassin's Creed, right? Well, today is your lucky day, admin-aspiring-person!

We realize the talent and potential avaiable in every single one of you, and so we are looking for it. For that, we have devised a new and fun way to find out who has what it takes while teaching the ropes.

So, you want power? You want lots of chicks (or guys, if you dig that kind of stuff)? You want power, true power? You want to be able to tell your family "I am working beside Cello now, my life's totaly making sense!" and win twice the number of chocolate eggs at Easter?

Then look no further, padawan! Leave a comment, question, suggestion or simply your statement of interest below and we will get the ball rolling!

And welcome... to the Apprenticeship.

posted on: 03:45, April 15, 2011 (UTC)

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