Yeah, baby, yeah! Here we are, after so long hardwork, we arrive at the first milestone!

One THOUSAND articles!

One THOUSAND! More than nine-hundred-and-ninety-nine and less than One-thousand-and-one! Two more than nine-hundred-and-ninety-eight and two less than One-thous... well, you got it =P

Okay, some say it may not be so much when compared to Wookiepedia or Dragon Age wiki or whatever, but this, people, is YOUR wiki! YOUR hard work, YOUR sweat, YOUR tendinitis for spending nights awake writing about historical assassins dressed like eagles! This is the culmination of your hard work, and, as a celebration, EVERYONE who had at least 50 edits at the time of this post will win a celebratory userbox dessert celebrating the 1000th article!

Copy the code below to your personal page to display it!


This user has helped the wiki achieve 1000 articles and has earned a mouthful of the Assassin's Pudding.

You may have noticed this whole post is written in BIIIG letters? Well, it's because we have ONE THOUSAND ARTICLES! XD

See you at the two thousand-th!

posted on: 03:46, January 18, 2011 (UTC)

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