Greetings, brothers and sisters of the Brotherhood!

To celebrate the launch of AC: Brotherhood, we spent the last couple weeks redesigning a new look for the wiki's main page, and today, on the eve of the new instalment glorious launching, proudly, it is unleashed!

This new design is based on the same one from Dragon Age Wiki, and it would not be even remotely possible without our friend, DA admin and "Wiki Seer" Tierrie. He implemented the whole stuff, leaving only customization and content filling with us. So everybody who liked the new skin and feel like it, pass by his page and say thanks (or maybe not, cause you would end up clogging his talk x.x), and if you like the Dragon Age franchise, make sure to drop by there.

Explore the new home, see some of the functionalities added, specially the main windown with arrows. Click them for more info on all of AC Series!

Also, thanks for Thief who stayed up sometimes and helped me fill most menus and redesigned the featured media system ;D

Enjoy our new look!

posted on: 08:49, November 15, 2010 (UTC)

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