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More "Brotherhood" videos and interviews from E3

The E3 is coming to an end, but we had lots of nice announcements for the future of the franchise.

Below are 6 more videos, trailers, gameplays and interviews right from E3 to you people!

Interview: Building a Brotherhood

Gameplay: Multiplayer Walkthrough

Interview: Singleplayer Walkthrough

Gameplay: Multiplayer Demo part I

Gameplay: Multiplayer Demo part II

Trailer: Weapons preview

I'm gonna be honest with you, guys. I din't watch all of them =P
But I'm sure they are awesome! So sit back in your chair, hit play, knock yourself out then post your oppinions!

Source:, and I think that User:CarloGrimaldi warned me about the new videos
posted on: 18:50, June 17, 2010 (UTC)

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