It's official, folks!

Today, the first trailer for the upcoming "Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood" debuted online. The trailer depicts a short flyover above the Animi offices in Abstergo, with a voiceover from whom appears to be Dr. Vidic.

Along with the video, a new site was made avaible.

Check the teaser trailer on, link below:

Update: The AC site has a list of weapons and one of those is a glyph-like puzzle. This puzzle when solved reveals a switchblade with a similar design to a Hidden Blade and a exclusive wallpaper for download.

ACBH abs wall secret

The code for unlocking the image (in any order) is:
Tks to User:J.h.jaraub for bringing the code to my attention

  • Pentagram {star inside circle)
  • Omega
  • Mayan Pyramid (step pyramid)
  • Three Intertwining Circles
  • 3 triangles
  • Eye of Illumination (eye with pyramid)

Also, the narration and overall appearance of the site implies heavily that this game will focus more on Templars than previous ones.

Update 2: The site has a timer on the top-left side. From the moment of this writing, there are 11h10m left. Check back here in 11h15m for more news! ;D

posted on: 00:25, May 11, 2010 (UTC)

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