Good news for all wannabe staff members and users in general.

Recently I've been thinking (I don't do that a lot). Lately, I've been getting busier and busier with my life overall, and since I've never spent much time in front of computers, I'm not used to let it take time from my other duties/joys. So for the past few weeks, my focus on wiki have been on the bureaucraut part of the job (being the punishing hand when needed and keeping things rolling when necessary) while our admins done the actual sysop tasks.

Also, in that same period, we had many new editors joining our wiki, some of them who are really good. And we had some old users standing out even more than they did previously. This time period also saw lots of changes on wiki in general, like ideas, templates, the groups proposition (which seems forgotten, as everyone wants to be a guardian ¬¬) and those damn nice little medals. And I've been considering ways to reward users besides that damn badge system.

And here it is:


The first main change request by some Istruttori is the writing of a... hierarchy. Altough it is called such, it is not exactly a command scale. This wiki doesn't belong to anyone, but we must have leaders and "sub-leaders" to keep things working, or it all would crumble. Hierarchy is the only applyable name, so we'll use it.

The staff tier is changed. From down up:

  • -Editors: Regular users, who have no obligation or duties inside the wiki, except for the informal commitment of helping the wiki be a lovely place and information source to everyone around the globe.
  • -Rollbacks aka Istruttore under Training: Those users receive the power to undo edits with a single click. They are either users being probed for Istruttorium draft or users who stand out and are rewarded with a nice ability inside the wiki as a reward and help to their efforts. This can be considered the first step for those wanting to join ACWiki administration.
  • -Istruttori: The wiki moderators. They have rollback abilities and the ruling vote on article nominations. Trusted and proved users, they are members of the staff board, and participate in decisions and ideas related to wikichanges. The best way to prove yourself to be sysop material is here. All wiki admins (except me) served as Istruttori before promotion.

Just clarifying semantics for those interested: Istruttorium is the organization, Istruttore is singular and Istruttori is plural. The meaning of the word is instructor, teacher or guider.

  • -Il Direttore aka Head of the Istruttorium: A Istruttore who stands out even more than the rest of his brethen will get a special position. He/she will be put in charge of keeping the Istruttorium goals focused, and will also receive admininship power. Altough not a full-fledged admin, the position has almost all sysop powers. This serves as the middleground between moderation and adminship.

The purposes of this rank is to A: better reward people who already did much and keep doing it, and B: test futures wannabe sysops. The person that serves as a Direttore is considered a probatory admin, and everytime the wiki grows a little more and/or we need a new admin, I'll up the Direttore to full fledged Sysop status and other person takes their shoes as probatory sysop.

  • -Administrators aka System Operators (sysops): Wiki mantainers. The most powerful rank in wiki below mine, they can do pretty much everything and have a greater mobility. Admins usually spend most of their times making the wiki an awesome place just as Istruttori do, but if you mess with a sysop he can kick your ass. So always respect staff members ;D (and everyone else for that matter, actually)
  • -Bureaucraut aka "Me", Lord Cello, the first and only, ruler of the kingdom of awesomeness ;D''':

This job, my job, is to keep the whole of wiki from falling apart. I also monitore the staff members, making usre they don't step out of borders or do anything wrong (which luckily, all our staff members are very trustable persons, awesome on their own rights) Usually, a bureaucraut should focus on wiki maintanence and sysops problems, but I prefer to check the wiki as a whole, from the smallest glitchy problem to the biggest threath, and I always tend to focus on it's users/real people instead of bits of code (which I don't understand anyway). Also, I'm the one who can give power to people. I'm basically your Zeus, ruler of Assassin's Wikilympus. =P

So altough I'm a handsome, charismatic and "so much lovely guy!", I kick asses more easily than Chuck Norris when I need. Or want.

Current Hierarchy

So here's our current pyramid of power:

  1. Bureaucraut: User:D. Cello
  2. Sysops: User:Altaïr, User:Master Sima Yi
  3. Direttore di Istruttorium: User:War Clown
  4. Istruttori: User:PhantomT1412, User:Zwoooooosh, User:The Theif, User:Reqυiem
  5. Rollbacks: User:Jasca Ducato, User:SilverSummoner (former admin, usually innactive), User:Silver Mage (former istruttore, completely innactive)

I'm going to clean the pyramid up when I have the time. Any updates will be posted. Also keep in mind that rollbacks are NOT staff members.

Since I was doing nothing and feeling inspired, I made this XD:


Any questions, just post it below. =]

posted on: 03:44, August 14, 2010 (UTC)

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