During E3, Ubisoft demonstrated for the first time ever a public section of AC: Brotherhood's multiplayer mode. The video shows a "Wanted" match and features 4 or 6 players (I'm not sure how many =P) playing in real time at the convention, with some unspecified guy talking over the match and presenting the system. Btw, the guy sounds remarkably like a used car salesmen, but, anyway...

Click here to watch the MP video demo of E3 on, then share with the community what you think about it!

UPDATE: Go over here too to check out the awesome multiplayer trailer video! And to those of you who pay attention, there is a new hidden blade that seems to be of a switchblade-like opening mechanism, rotatig sideways instead of springing out ;D (or maybe I'm feeling sleepy x.x)

posted on: 05:30, June 16, 2010 (UTC)

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