Regardless of Sima blogging news before me and his future subsequent block and banning from our wiki because of it (XD), I must say that E3 is being awesome for the AC Series!

But now I have news that aren't so awesome. Actually, they kinda suck. informed this morning via GameTrailers that the awaited Brotherhood multiplayer beta scheduled for later this year will be PS3-exclusive. Also, some contents including single player things, multiplayer things and things in general will be avaiable only via PSN after the game's launch in november.

I think that's the stupidest decision Ubisoft made after mandatory online DRM. C'mon, PC players and 360 players aren't the same as PS3 players? I smell lots of japanese money coming from Sony for that, and they smell bad.

I never understand those auto-suicidal tendencies of modern mankind... it's almost like they *don't* want our money...

Anyway, there we go. Beta only to playstation owners and the rest of the world must keep swearing at designer's mothers. So, people! Your toughts? ;D

posted on: 05:11, June 16, 2010 (UTC)

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