And we have badges! ;D

Our wiki was choosen to test the new WikiAchievements system, more news on JoePlay's official blogpost.

We are working on a new WikiPolicy to avoid abuse (since a couple of users already started messing pages to win badges), and I'm warning all users that if I get you messing pages for achievements points, I'll:

  1. Punch you in the face
  2. Punch your grandma in the face
  3. Date your sister then dump her the next morning while she's in the shower (only appliable if she's hot)
  4. Date you then dump you the next morning while you're in the shower (only appliable if your a girl and hot)
  5. Remove your badges
  6. And maybe temporarily block you for a couple of days if I'm in the mood for it and you piss me off.

Those who knows me know I am totally capable of doing all those things and MORE, so behave, children.

In a separate but similar note: We are also working on a policy regarding the categories systems. I'll post a message in the forums about it for the community to oppine soon, and we request that all users DON'T add or remove categories from articles for the time being. Thanks.

posted on: 22:45, July 20, 2010 (UTC)

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