What a lovely and tiresome day this was... at least I saw a lion. ^^

Today the news is pretty objective and purely wiki related – more specifically: Giveaway!

(All pardee)


Today marks the end of the first ever Assassin's Creed Wiki Giveaway!

It ran for a month, and after 30 days of exhausting drawing, quote writing and wishful thinking (for the lottery), we have successfully chosen the art and quote winners and randomly picked the lottery numbers.

Let the ceremony begin!


Creative Quote

"What Ezio says when his blade doesn't spring."

The quote was purposely made with a double meaning, and although we swore something... of the not clean aspect would win, the winner was actually a innocent one that made us laugh. XD

And the Oscar goes to:

"...You know...em....I was only patting you on the back..."

Due to lack of answer, a new winner was choosen.


So, the art was a tough one... We had no good prospects, then in this last week, 3 or 4 good ones came around. XD So... after much deliberation, we narrowed it to two drawings... But we couldn't make our minds about it. Both were awesome.

So it's a tie! =D

First giveaway ever, and we have not one, but two art winners. ^^ Make sure to make more art for the next giveaway people, we, and everybody, love them. ^^


We had two lotteries: one for games, and one for Microsoft Points.

We had 69 (heh) participants on the game lottery, and winner was:

23. User:TheGenov

And we had 17 on the Microsoft Points lottery, and the lucky bastard was:

2. User:Captainhu Due to lack of answer, a new winner was choosen.

Proof that nothing is true and everything is permitted: Giveaway random lottery 1

Congrats on learning how to hack, both of you. XD

Final stuff

A quick little curiosity about the giveaway, as exemplified by Elchzard on the IRC:

<Elch> 69 lottery entried
<Elch> 69 blogpost comments xDDD
<Elch> We're cursed

Yes Elch... or we're really, really blessed, and heaven is way dirtier than most imagine XD


"Desmond said what?!? That racist bastard!"

Awesome, awesome, awesome. ^^ Thanks for all participants, and don't worry – we're very likely to have another, better and bigger giveaway when ACR comes out, so make sure to keep around the wiki (and editing).

Congrats to the winners, and good luck next time to the others. ^^

So that is all for today! Post your comments below – me and the staff want to hear your opinions! Safety and peace, folks.

Cello out.


posted on: 00:48, October 9, 2011 (UTC)

"Doing nothing is very hard to do ... you never know when you're finished."

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