A new era shines on the wiki.

The rise of this new dawn shines its light on our wiki projects, bringing awesomeness all over it.

Project: Aperture

First, I would like to present to you the conclusion of Project APERTURE. After months of hard work that sweep through resources and dedications of all levels of wiki hierarchy, the main page portal has finally been completed. In honor of this awesome job, I'll give a brief history of its inception and list all the contributors that made it happen.

2 months ago, we implemented a new main slider. It was just a addition of buttons, but a idea placed itself on my mind -- something was not right, we could do better. As a hand of destiny reached over ACWiki, I was contacted a day later by Animusradiation with a prototype of a portal unlike anything I've ever seen before. In awe, I began working with him in secret. A couple of week later, we began to disclose it to select people on a need to know basis, and a month later, an official wiki announcement was made. The project was met with unanymous awe, the reception dubstruck by its sheer legendary awesomeness. And now, a month later, the project has been touched by the hands of our best's best (if that's even a methaporical sentence or gramatically correct) and Project APERTURE is born. Completed, finished, pronto."

As such, I am listing below the names of all who were invaluable to this project. The Oscreed goes to:

  • Animusradiation -- Lead Designer of Project Aperture. 100% responsible for graphics and art direction, and grandly executed.
  • DarkFeather -- Main coder of Project Aperture. Without him, I would never be able to assemble those images together. I was dumbstruck by what he did in short time, and I officially reccommend that his master promote him for his work here ^^ Y'feel me?
  • Tierrie -- Head of DAWiki (one of our partners, check them out) and creator of the portal system. His guidance with the inner workings of the portal and project ideas helped it become what it is.

Check out the main page if you haven't, and make sure to let us know what you think in the comments below!


Next we have the giveaway! Already announced on the previous news post, I now have the honour to announce:

The giveaway is officially open!

Also, as an added bonus, we are also presenting two users with 1600 microsoft points. Unlike the rest of the giveaway, the Microsoft points are US residents only =/ But at least some of you XBox users out there will have the chance to use it ^^ (and Ubisoft can consider this a slap on the face because of the PS3 exclusive shit that's been happenign since Brotherhood. And go ahead and take another slap for making PC players wait for months. Yeah!)

For more on the giveaway, including how to participate, check this out.


Recently, I've been talking to two good friends of mine that I've know for over a year, SpartHawg from Mass Effect Wiki and Tierrie from Dragon Age Wiki, both of which also happen to be leaders of their respective wikis, and due to all of our wikis being about great franchises that value gameplay and story above all else, and the fact we are three of the most legendary gaming wikis on the Wikia network and we all have a LOT of users and traffic, I approached then with the idea of creating a partner system, with the current aim of improving flow between wikis and making everyone grow even more, but also not closing doors to joint efforts in the future. They accepted and for a week or so already, we have all been brothers of the same wiki partnership ^^

But, I always like to keep moving things forward, and due to the fact that most users here on our lovely AC Staff are also editing or responsible for other wikis out there, the same door I opened for DA and ME was opened to them, and as such, ACWiki has a quite numerous list of gaming wikis we're associated with XD Now, I know that some of these games have nothing to do with AC, but when that happens, we must remember that everyone here is doing this by will and will alone -- nobody's getting anything off it. As such, the simple fact that we may help other wikis grow, even if we ourselves get nothing substantial is reason enough for us to do it. As such, follows a list of our current wiki partners!


150px-Wiki-wordmark.png 150px-Wiki-wordmark.png

Make sure to check them out!


Recently, some of you may have heard that we tried a joint venture effort with Outcast Templars clan on a podcast, and I must say in behalf of my fellow wiki members that were part of it that we were somewhat dissapointed by the event. This is not the place or time to complain about things, but the lack of organization and effort to exectue it gave us the push to make our own podcast happen. More news will come along the road as we get things done, and when they do, info will appear on this page (and also be news announced, so don't worry XD No need to check that page daily =P)

The Wounded Eagle 9

"BAM said the lady!"

That ends our news posts.
Now, on a personal note, I've had trouble recently involving google oO You see, I was in my car listening to the radio, and I heard a song -- I didn't hear its name, so I memorized and wrote down the lyrics and tried to find it on Google later... To no avail oO I never saw google NOT find anything. So, I'm writing the chorus below and if SOMEONE recognizes it, please say the name of the song in the comments -- I really want to buy that music.

"Where am I now, where did I go, why do I feel so all alone, nowhere to run, nowhere to hide from the breaking of my soul"

There's also a mention to "familiar stranger" after that chorus (or at the end of it). The music has a kinda romantic not-so-fast-nor-so-slow kinda beat and tune and it's sung by a guy. This is really making me mad, that's why I'm asking for your help. Please help me find that song, folks ^^

And that is all for today! Post your comments below -- me and the staff want to hear your opinions! Safety and peace, and a good week to all!

Cello out.


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