Here I was, in my home, taking a wonderful 4 hour nap after a fantastic A+ college presentation about Ancient Rome, when I was awaken by Harry Potter's owl--I mean, tweet--asking me to come to IRC. Apparently we got a motherlode of new info regarding the AC series and the encyclopedia, and this lovely post I hoped to post later today is posted now =P My sleep is broken for the good of the wiki -- being staff ain't easy kids. Make sure to drop by the page and thank each of our staff members later who stay up all night helping make this place awesome XD

Today we have A LOT of info for ya, both AC-related and wiki-related.

Assassin's Giveaway


First, I am pleased to inform you that the Assassin's Creed Wiki in association with Wikia Corporation will host its first giveaway ever! We got our hands into copies of Ubisoft Games including AC, AC2 and ACBH, and a contest will open next week ^^ The games are PC only, but with the plus side of being delivered worldwide -- no US residents only.


For entrance, each contestant must have a Valid Steam Account and be 17 years old -- since AC games are rated "Mature" by ESRG, users who win it must be over the minimum age. If you are below that age, the contestant must be your parent or older sibling -- any winner who fails to prove to be 17 or older will be disqualified.

The giveaway will consist of 3 (three) methods of entry:

  • a creative quote contest for creative people who can't draw
  • an art contest for creative people who can draw
  • a random lottery for those who're none of the above

Keep in mind participation is accepted in all three entries, so a user can submit a work of art, a quote and a waffle on the lottery and have 3 chances of winning.

Creative Quote

"What Ezio says when his blade doesn't spring?"

Write a creative quote with that subject in mind. Yes, it's a innuendo. Yes, it's the best we came up with. Yeah? Well, up yours, buddy.

Art Contest

Pictures!! Everybody loves pictures of AC stuff, especially well done ones. As such, people can particiapte by submitting their own (repeat: their OWN. we will search google and deviant art and the end of the universe if necessary to find out if you stole it from somewhere) pictures based on AC canon. To reduce the ammount of topics and help narrow your efforts in such short time, the subject of the drawing is:

"Passing of the Torch"

With Ezio retiring/dying and Altaïr retired/dead, we feel the need to express the whole idea behind the next AC game -- as such, the passing of the torch and continuing of the lineage of Assassins. Altaïr to Ezio, Ezio to Marcello and Flavia, Desmond, whatever -- the one drawing who best embodies the continuing unstoppable lineage of awesome assassins gets the prize!

Lottery / Waffle (not the eating kind)

People will signup on a page, and each name will be numbered. At the end of the giveaway, we take the numbers and thrown them into a random number generator, then we take the winning number and see who it belongs to. That will prevent favoritism or cheating of any kind.


  • Assassin's Creed: Director's Cut Edition (PC)
  • Assassin's Creed II: Director's Cut Edition (PC)
  • Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood (PC)


The giveaway will start on September 7th and end on October 8th.


Next comes PODCASTS! We, the ACWiki, in addition to the OutcastTemplarsClan[1], a BH and future ACR multiplayer clan, will be making a podcast with live broadcast of the ACR beta to all of you out there who don't have a PS3, and we will also discuss topics related to the whole AC series in general, past and future, including expectations and history overall. A part of my staff will be present on these podcasts (and one copy of AC will be awarded live!) so make sure to drop by and listen -- this will also be a test bed for our own ACWiki podcast in the future.

The podcast shall go live next week, time and day yet to be defined, sorry =/ A LIVE broadcast of the podcast will happen, where listeners will be able to interact with the podcasters, and for those who can't listen because of time or busyness, we will record it and it will be avaiable for listening later, for the hefty sum of 14,99$ each edition (kidding XD).

The podcast will feature a set number of hosts (one of which is yours truly) and 3 to 4 guests will be called every week. People from wiki, multiplayer and maybe we can even get Ubi people here -- aim high, and aim right.

More info will follow during this week -- stay tuned.

Special Guest

Today, I have a special guest on my news post: Harry Potte--I mean, Elchzard! He is here to announce to you some of the discoveries made regarding the AC Encylopedia. Take it away, Elch.


Hello, people. Elch here, hiding in Cello's news post, here to tell you about some of the new info we've got from the Ubiworkshop "Making Of" video, about the new Assassin's Creed Encyclopedia.
So, we've got a fair bit of new stuff.
First, and probably most significantly, Ezio and Altaïr's dates of death. It can now be officially confirmed that Altaïr lived from 1165-1257, and Ezio from 1459-1524. This puts Ezio's date of death during Assassin's Creed: Embers. Screenshots from the video can be seen here and here.
We also have a new image for Daniel Cross, not in comic book form, which can be seen in the gallery just down there.
Also, some news on some new characters - Piri Reis, and Shao Jun, the latter of which definitely appears in Embers. Credit goes to Sima for that particular discovery.
And we finally have confirmation that the mysterious "M." in "William M." does indeed stand for Miles!
Lastly, there was a bit of new information on Erudito. Take a look at the page for more on that.

I think you'll all agree that this is some insanely cool stuff, and I can't wait to get my hands on that book, come November. :)
Thanks to all the fellas on the IRC earlier, for being such clever people and getting all this information. I'm fairly sure there's some stuff we missed, to, so if anybody else has gleaned any awesome facts from the video, let us know in the comments! :)
Thanks for listening – Elch out.



The Wounded Eagle 2

"Oh crap crap crap crap crap crap!!!"

And that ends our news posts for today!

Make sure to drop by the IRC, and keep your ears peeled for more info regarding the podcast and giveaway later this week -- the official pages shall be announced here in a day or two.

That is all for today. Post your comments below -- me and the staff want to hear your oppinions! Safety and peace, and a good week to all!

Cello out.


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