The season of joy. The season of happiness. The season of a happy, round, old man dressed in red who gives presents to good kids. The season of.... Christmas!

Assassins Tree

This is the time of year where happiness flows from the humans, where our good spirit shall come out and generosity shall be abundant -- the time where all people should be kind and even those who aren't should be even more.

Don't matter if you live in the north or the south. Don't matter if you live in the east or the west. If you are white, black, asian, arab, hetero, homo, llama or camel.

That you may have a great holiday and a fantastic last week leading out of this year and into the next.
May life shine upon your enterprises.
This is the wishes of the whole AC Wiki team to you and everyone.

Safety and peace, people, and I see you in a week ^^

Merry Christmas!

Cello out.


Source: Tree image made in record time per my request by User:War Clown
posted on: 00:49, December 25, 2011 (UTC)

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