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AC: Revelations Gameplay Trailer

D. Cello August 17, 2011 User blog:D. Cello

Today, the Assassin's Creed UK channel on Youtube released a gameplay trailer of AC: Revelations. This is the first view of gameplay since the E3 demo, and shows a lot more than a harbor attack: The trailer features both Ezio and Altaïr on locations such as the city of Constantinople and Masyaf. Watch the trailer below and voice your oppinion on the commentaries!


Also, User:Rapnoize has gotten us some images that so far I have not seen anywhere. Two of them picture Altaïr in Masyaf, and the last one is Ezio on-the-kill of some guy. The most amazing about the second one is the presence of a kneeling Al Mualim between two Templar Guards! Awesome ^^ Check them below!

That's all for now, peoples -- happy editing!

Cello out.


posted on: 22:58, August 17, 2011 (UTC))

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