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    Safety and Peace

    April 1, 2012 by D. Cello

    I have been thinking about this for some time. Ever since the release of ACR, my interest in the series has progressively deteriorated -- everything I loved about AC, the stuff that captured me in AC1... is gone. And in ACR they managed to take away the fun and complexity AC2 and ACBH brought to the series by doing a game simply for the spite of it, with a money focused released every year, like Call of Duty does. Ubisoft disheartened me, but worse, I realized my interest in the wiki itself was fading. It´s been 2 weeks since the thought first crossed my mind, and I feel it´s time I finally follow my path again.

    For almost 3 years, I have led this place. It started with me as a sole editor on a 7-article site and I helped it become a 2000+ …

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  • D. Cello

    Barely into the third month of the year and we already have brickloads of information about the upcoming game, Assassin's Creed III. Today, the first video and true glimpse of the game have come to us, depicting the new ancestor, Connor, killing people and freerunning on trees. It also gives us a glimpse of one of the US founding fathers, General George Washington, and one British v.s. American battle. Check the full trailer below:

    That was on the AC side of news, the game series we all love (personally, though, I'll skip ACR when using that term) =P
    Now comes the news from the Wiki side, the place and people we all love so very much.

    As a special treat for the fans, I am pleased to announce the official opening of our official Fan Section!


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  • D. Cello

    March 1st of 2012. 9 months to the fullfilment of the Mayan Prophecy, for the launch of Abstergo's Eye satellite and for the delivery of the third and final chapter of Assassin's Creed following Desmond's destiny.

    And to start the hype, Ubisoft has unveiled today via GameInformer the boxart AND setting of the new game.

    The new game will follow another white-beaked-hooded ancestor on one of the most century-defining wars ever -- the American Revolution.

    We have no more details at this time but expect more soon -- especially if the game has been in development for as long as they say, we shall have info promptly avaiable to build up hype. And maybe this time they will deliver what is promised -- a true assassin experience.

    I must say, altough the …

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  • D. Cello

    The first DLC for Assassin's Creed: Revelations has been announced. Named "The Lost Archive", the downloadable content will feature gameplay sequences similar to Desmond's Journey ones, but focused on Subject 16's life. Unfortunaly, Ubisoft's trend of not including (or at least delaying) PC players also makes a appearance this time. Altough I expect it to be avaiable for PC at a later date, I still find the lack of explanation for excluding the PC version disgusting, without even a mention to the why.

    On a cheerful note, this week the wiki has surpassed the TWO THOUSAND main article count! (everyone cheers)
    It's amazing to see that little 7-page site I found in 2009 become a 2000 pages encyclopedia, a compendium of information so complete and…

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  • D. Cello

    February quick post! Today the game site [] informed us that the third number game of the AC trilogy now has a release date: Assassin's Creed III will come out on October 30th, 2012. Aside from that, Ubisoft's CEO Yves Guillemot said:

    "We will push the title a lot because it's a fantastic product that the team has been working for three years, what we have seen is just fabulous."

    No more details were given.

    Besides from that, I am saddened to announce the resignation of one of our oldest Istruttore, User:Assassin-Rayne. Personal life has catch up with him and he could no longer fulfil his duties for the past months, and as such had to leave the wiki staff. He will surely be missed.

    Ah, one more thing: User:Sl…

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