Ok,so here I go.I am CySubNoTor,and now I am publishing my new game idea:Assassin's Creed:Shadow

The main plot is Sengoku Era in Japan.Nobunaga Oda,the daimyo who allianced with Spanish Templar's is nearly capturing all of Japan by help of Templars.As nicknamed 'The Demon King',he shows no mercy to no one,including his officers;and he ravages the land and ruins it.With help of Luis Frois and Luis de Almeida,he successfuly conquers province's.But one day,Mitsuhide Akechi,betrayals to his lord.Upon knowing that Templars will capture the Japan,he fight's against Nobunaga Oda.

Our hero is Sosuke Nagahara,an Iga ninja,trained by Master Sandyu Momochi.He also works to Akechi family,who served to Saito and Oda.He is one of the masters of Ninjitsu and stealth art.One day,he discovers his master,Sandyu is actually an assassin and killed by templars because of leaking information and opposing. Sosuke swears that he will take revenge,and turns into an assassin.

Full Character List:


Sosuke Nagahara:Description above.

Sandyu Momochi:An Iga ninja,who doesn't serves to any feudal lord.He is actually an assassin;and he is the only person that Sosuke trusts.He is killed by Spanish Templars.

Nobunaga Oda(A.K.A:'Demon King'):Ruthless feudal lord who is hungry for wrath and power.Main antogonist of the game.Works with Templar's and Pope.Wields oiled sword.

Mitsuhide Akechi:The retrainer who opposes to Nobunaga.Also,he is the officer who Sosuke serves.Allianced with Japanese Assassin's.Wields spear.

Hanzo Hattori:Another Iga ninja,who possesses more power than Sosuke.Works for Tokugawa,an ally for Nobunaga.Wields claws.

Yagyu Sekishusai:Founder of the Japanese Assassin's.He is a master swordsman,who only few people can stand against of his power.He is also a former officer of Nobunaga.After he finds out Nobunaga has gaining power from templars,he and Chu Ren Kong,who is leader of Chinese Assassins build Japanese Assassin Clan.Wields katana.


Luis Frois:A skilled Templar missionary and a Marksman.Also a prophet from Templar's to Japan.He is very skillful at battle,but not so intelligent at all.Works with Nobunaga,and supports his army.Wields twin pistols.

Luis de Almeida:Another skilled Templar,and a master swordsman.Makes secret delivery to Nobunaga with the help of navy and Templar's.Much more intelligent and tough than Frois.Wields rapier.

Tokichiro Kinoshita:Another Oda retrainer,who makes connections with templars.Doesn't know much about him,but he also makes trades with Templar's.

Agustin II:Navy officer who brings additional Templar units to japan.Wields claymore.

Pedro Arias:Skilled assassiner,who works with Templar's.Famed by his unknown personality.Wields chained wire.


Chu Ren Kong:Also,the leader of Chinese Assassin's.Nothing known much about him,but he is an expert at assassinating.Wields crossbow.

Magoichi Saika:Leader of Ise Assassin's.Master marksman of Suzuki.Not much good at silent assassinating, but easily kills from far distance.Wields various weapons,such as rifle,pistols,hidden pistols and bombs.

Goemon Ishikawa:Leader of Owari Assassin's.Skilled by thiefing and stealing.Wields kusarigama.

Kotaro Fuma:Leader of Sagami Assassin's.Very good at using stealth weapons and master of dissapearing. Wields whip-sword.

Sasuke Sarutobi:Leader of Kai Assassin's.Expert at melee combat,and tools.Wields ninja sword with kunai's.

Chiyojo Mochizuki:Leader of Shinano Assassin's.Even if she is a female assassin,she is runs very fast,and jumps very high.Wields wingblade's.

If I missed anything please write in comment.Also,I will add the modern time story too.

Thanks for reading.Dont forget to comment about this blog.And lastly,sorry for my bad grammar.

"All you have to do,is correct your grammar CJ!"

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