• CySubNoTor

    My Assassin's Creed Idea

    January 22, 2014 by CySubNoTor

    Ok,so here I go.I am CySubNoTor,and now I am publishing my new game idea:Assassin's Creed:Shadow

    The main plot is Sengoku Era in Japan.Nobunaga Oda,the daimyo who allianced with Spanish Templar's is nearly capturing all of Japan by help of Templars.As nicknamed 'The Demon King',he shows no mercy to no one,including his officers;and he ravages the land and ruins it.With help of Luis Frois and Luis de Almeida,he successfuly conquers province's.But one day,Mitsuhide Akechi,betrayals to his lord.Upon knowing that Templars will capture the Japan,he fight's against Nobunaga Oda.

    Our hero is Sosuke Nagahara,an Iga ninja,trained by Master Sandyu Momochi.He also works to Akechi family,who served to Saito and Oda.He is one of the masters of Ninjitsu a…

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