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  • Crazywarfire

    Crazywarfire here but please, call me Crazy. I have no idea if anyone has done a review on the newest DLC for ACR so in that case, I will make one.

    WARNING!: article DOES contain spoilers.

    I orginally wanted to get it for the Vlad Tepes' Sword and Altaïr robes but after a while I go "Hey why not play the story eh?" and so I start it and then I finish it.

    So you play as Clay Kaczmarek A.K.A. the mysterious subject 16 who is in the Animus while "confronting" voices from his past. The gameplay is very similar to Desmond's Journey in which it is in first person view. I'm very use to first person shooters so really there isn't much of a difference except you're firing random blocks and ramps into thin air and jumping on them. There are seven missi…

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  • Crazywarfire

    Revelations outfits.

    February 19, 2012 by Crazywarfire

    So I have been looking around a lot of websites lately and I have seen many outfits for Revelations. There is actually a lot and I want to take a survey. Which outfit for Revelations would you like to see in an upcoming DLC the most?

    -Fixed Old Altair without Ezio's annoying face.

    -Turkish assassin armor

    -Armor of Brutus

    -Armor of Altair

    -Altair's Robes

    -Fixed Altair's Robes without Ezio's face

    Leave your opinions in the comments below.

    Call me Crazy 16:39, February 19, 2012 (UTC)

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