The Hidden Blade

I am writing this blog to share some ideas theories and concepts about the hidden blade. Feel free to comment. Okay this is what we 've got so far;

The hidden blade (left arm): First recorded user and usage: Darius, at the assassination of Xerxes of Persia, however Darios wore the blade at his right hand causing him not to lose his ring finger. This hidden blade was mainly used in stealth assasinations, for melee battles/fights the assassins would use a sword in that days.

The hidden blade (right arm): Altaïr invented the second hidden blade, however the first recorded usage/user was Ezio, he brought a codex page to Leonardo Da Vinci who would reïnvent the blade. It is unknown if the blade being longer was ment or was a mistake, but it is more likely that it was ment to be longer as this blade was mostly used for melee.

We only have got 2 hidden blades so far. The other things like hidden gun, poison, poison arrows and the hookblade are additional upgrades. We actually know another hidden blade, the inverted hidden blade wich was not on the inner side of the wrist but on the outer side, this was applied to protect the user of it. However this blade was not invented by the assassins and it was less hidden.

In the concept art of Assassin's Creed: II Ezio had 2 blades on one arm, this was not applied in-game for a still unknown reason.

I 've got a future idea for the hidden blade inspired by this video (Assassin's Creed: Generations II, fan made Assassin's Creed series). It isn't actually a blade anymore but a very thick needle. The mechanism for it is built in the wrist and when the "blade" is in the mechanism you can't see anything of it. The graphics and editing in the video suck but the idea is very interesting.

Have you got any ideas for a new type of hidden blade or addtional upgrades? Post 'em here :)

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