Well, my thing here is I like to spread ideas how I think future titles should go so that way I could get people's opinions on possibly making the franchise better. I thought they should add free-roam to Battlefield, and that they should make a Mario game with Bowser as the main character. Any of you have ideas to make the AC series better? Here's my personal cents.

Whenever I play Assassin's Creed 3, I tend to find it annoying that they always give you a penalty for killing civilians. Get rid of that. I don't like how they make you die if you kill too many civilians. I don't like to be told how to play a game. I want to play it how I want to play it. That's the thing I like about open-world games, like Hulk: Ultimate Destruction, or Simcity or even some flight sim games during the Free Flight modes. If I want to kill civilians, I should be allowed to do that. I know you may find MY idea ridiculous, but I'm a guy that doesn't like authority (unless I have to, like with my teacher or my parents).

So, that's one thing I would change.

If you could do anything to change up future titles and make them better, what would you do? Come on. Be creative. I'd love to see what you'd add to future AC games.

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