A few weeks ago i bought the HarleQuin code off of Ebay for 17$ . I thought it was a good deal.There a few profiles on my PS3 and i put the code in on my profile Clicky17 . None of my other profiles had the HarleQuin. Then i bought the Da Vinnci Disappearence DLC pack and i got 3 new game modes 5 new maps and the new charecters ( The Pariah , Dama Rosa , Knight, and Marquis). But what do u know it also comes with the exlusive HarleQuin and the Officer . That makes me really mad . It is all Playstationns fault for not listing it in the Da Vinnci Disappearence description . But o well , the rest of the pack is REALLY AWESOME . if u have money buy the pack for only $10.

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