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Another Review of Assassins Creed III

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I have to admit that I wasn't very excited for Assassins Creed to come out this last October. I absolutely hated the first Assassins Creed, however, I fell madly in love with the Ezio Trilogy. Naturally, I was saddened when I heard that Ezio's story would end, but at least one of my favorite franchises would continue. Regardless, as an Assassins Creed lover, I would play III none the less. 

Much of why I love this franchise so much is because of the storyline and the gameplay, but also because of the character development. As a player you feel as if you know Ezio. Sadly, as I continue to play through III, I just can't seem to attach myself to either Connor nor Haythem.

Here I am, roughly 50% through the game, and I just can't seem to finish it. Which if you know me, which you don't, I usually finish games within days. If you've ever seen the show "Big Bang Theory" where the girl across the hall, Penny, gets addicted to video games-- completely disheveled, up all night and on the edge of crazy until she finishes the game-- that's me. Sad, but true. I promise I return to normal when I finish the game. Anyway, Assassins Creed III has incredible game play, beautiful visuals, and a decent storyline -- and yet, I can't seem to get into it. The story, though good, hasn't captivated me the same way that the Ezio trilogy has. There have been moments where I have been so into the game, and then there seems to be a lull in between many of these great moments. There isn't a streamline, intense intrigue of gameplay.

My biggest complaint with the game is the time it takes to travel. You would think if Ubisoft decided to have your character travel back and forth for a small scene in the game, multiple times I might add, they would have made it easier to travel back and forth.


With that said, it's not a horrible game, it's well done with a few hiccups on the way. I of course, will finish it, for the main arc of the story if anything. When I do, I'll be sure to give my lasting impression! Hopefully it will be better as a cohesive whole.