Hello, name is David aka Choctaw Assassin and this is the first of what I want to make a series of blogs. I thougt I would begin by establing who I am and what I like about AC, perhaps if you like what I have to say you'll decide to follow my posts and comment or maybe you'll realize that we're not really eye to eye on things. Shall we go through the first round of cuts?

I like Connor.

(looks around) Well that cleared out a few it would seem OK second round

I like Desmond.

And now if you are still reading this it means you either agree with me or you just like to give people the time of day either way thanks for reading. In truth I
Native Assassin Connor concept
have liked all of the protagonist from the series I feel that all of them have been unique and given each game there own develpoments. Over my next few blogs I want to do a sort of character study for many of the protagonist; Altair, Ezio, Connor, Haytham, and so on. I also have a bit of a fasination with the missing years of the Desmond ancestry (does it have a name?) and I have long given thought to doing a fanon/fan-fic for those missing years and ancestors. I also want to talk about places I would like to see the franchise go (from realistic to never going to happen)

If you think any of these are good ideas comment below and let me know. I'll be talking whether people listen or not but I would love a little conversation

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