I have been looking at modern day goverment and military and i wanted to share my ideas for people who could be members (or friends) of the assassins and templars and a few things they have done that would sugest who they really work for

but i first want to give you guys an idea on how i see the assassins and templars acting today


The Assassin order has had to change how they do things, this in many ways has changed who they are. they are no longer openly killing people, this would do more harm then goos in todays world. now they either keep power away from templars using goverment, or when they kill they use more subtle ways of doing it.


the templars have gained an uper hand in how things work, they either founded or have taken over major parts of the worlds market, and they have used this at its full use, they have done all they can to keep people happy and complacent while keeping those who oppose them from becoming a threat.

now, for who i think would make good Assassins:

Ron Paul: Dr Ron Paul may or may not be a member of the Assassins, but he is there friend and ally. he has also had to do alot to keep clean. since the templars have taken over the goverment, they have done all they can to keep Ron as low as they can. Dr. Paul knows there alot of couroupt people in office, and while not all of them may be templars he knows that they are helping them more then they know.

i was also thinking that pat tilman could have been on either side, his death has fishy in the fact he was killed by his own people for no known reason.

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