The last part of the year is usually when all the new video games come out. Borderlands 2 was fun, addictive, but downright irritating most of the time. Dishonored failed to live up to the hype by being very lackluster in terms of gameplay and in my opinion, the hybrid of futuristic victorian steampunk London turned out to be way too many themes to have at one time. Once again, Assassins Creed has proved itself the leader of the pack for me.

Assassins creed is my most favorite gaming series since GTA lost it and Tomb Raider fucked off somewhere. History has always been my specialty, but I didn't know a lot of the motives of why certain things happened until AC. This series had always kept me thinking about life, and the fate of everyone, like, what are we here for? Are we our own saviors or are we the ones destroying our world?

However, I feel as if AC had deviated off its original path a bit, and the TWCB storylines are always kind of a problem for me, like stated above with dishonored; it started out as a war against modern day templars, then now you're trying to save the world, and now you're trying to save the world from a God, which you are part. And somehow going into the Animus to relive ancestor's memories fit into this plotline.

If you say so.

Don't get me wrong, AC is fantastic at telling stories, I'm just having trouble relating the TWCB storylines to the actual purpose of what's going on in the animus. One minute we're killing Borgia captains by throwing them into the scaffolding, and the next minute we're following the EXACT same plotline as Atlantis:The Lost Empire. So to proceed into the future we need to find the past? I'm not confused on why they NEED the ancestors, but I think that the whole time-traveling thing and the whole Alien God Sun Apocalypse thing are two different spectrums from two different universes.

Here is what would have been easier (albeit dull, though): Desmond is kidnapped in the name of genetic research by Abstergo. Altair is an assassin and the templars are the bad guys. Turns out, Abstergo are modern day templars looking to use genetic research as a means of mind control to take over the world, and to do it, they needed decendants of assassins's memories to read so they could turn them all into templar minions. Each ancestor would have been dealing with the templars somehow and the whole TWCB Apple of eden plotline could have been saved for a different game or left out entirely. But maybe that's why Assassins creed is so intresting and engaging; the different storylines and happenings and OMGWTF moments.

And then there is AC3...

People have mixed feelings about this game: some think that it's epic and beautifully done. Others are mad because they felt the ending defeated the purpose of the entire series. I am in the middle of this whole debacle, I loved the game. I could tell that the developers did put a lot into the gameplay and storyline to keep us engaged, I liked the new ancestor and the fact that he was a bit of a screw up. Altair screwed up by defying the creed in Solomon's temple, Ezio screwed up by letting Rodrigo Borgia live, but Connor would screw up as in maybe he's not getting out of this alive after all. The ending did not upset me because of what happened, but mainly because of what happens now? Is this a cliffhanger or is this like, really it?

I'm just gonna put my trust in Ubisoft; they obviously know what they're doing and they have all along. If there is (an I guess there will be, I don't trust everything I hear) another installment, I'm not sure how they're gonna pull it off, but people will like it, people will hate it, both will buy it either way because it's a game.

that's it for now

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