This is my first blog post!!

Ok, so I, like others, are doing a replay of the AC series before the launch of AC3 on October 30th, however, I am not playing it on in-game dates like most people are doing, I am just playing it to prepare for AC3, and the fact that cliffhangers suck, so I like to sync-up the endings in order.

I managed to find some free time to play the OG Assassins Creed, which I just finished, and this is my perspective on it:

Apparently, like UBI said, this entire series was most likely planned from the jump. I didn't believe them at first, but when I played through AC for the 6th time some signs did show of things that were alluded to in later installments of the series, like when Vidic mentions "those who came before", we didn't know what he was talking about in the game, had a sequel not been planned we would never know what Vidic was talking about when he mentions it. Also, Malik makes note of a book of "revelations" written by De Sable hidden in Solomon's Temple; Even though this wasn't mentioned again, the term revelations stuck. Among several things I noticed, one of them was the encounter with Maria for the first time. When Altair gets to the bereau to speak with Malik about being set up and Maria being a woman, he says that will be discussed "another time", meaning that we would most likely hear about her again.

Now, as far as gameplay, I'm so glad to see that the controls have improved, because the frustration of watching Altair attempt to climb a bench while being chased by guards was unbearable. However, I admire the originality of it, y'know, just straightforward combat: no bombs, no poison, no medicine, etc.

The graphics made me nolstalgic: the expressionless faces, Desmond and Lucy's original faces (LOL) and that weird color scheme all of the cities seem to have.

PS, does anyone notice that Robert De Sable looks a lot like Leandros?

I am about to re-play AC2 in a minute, and I am so glad that I paid more attention to the plotline this time as opposed to my last playthroughs of the game, now I actually UNDERSTAND things about the templars.


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