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    The last part of the year is usually when all the new video games come out. Borderlands 2 was fun, addictive, but downright irritating most of the time. Dishonored failed to live up to the hype by being very lackluster in terms of gameplay and in my opinion, the hybrid of futuristic victorian steampunk London turned out to be way too many themes to have at one time. Once again, Assassins Creed has proved itself the leader of the pack for me.

    Assassins creed is my most favorite gaming series since GTA lost it and Tomb Raider fucked off somewhere. History has always been my specialty, but I didn't know a lot of the motives of why certain things happened until AC. This series had always kept me thinking about life, and the fate of everyone, li…

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  • BuonaFortuna

    This is my first blog post!!

    Ok, so I, like others, are doing a replay of the AC series before the launch of AC3 on October 30th, however, I am not playing it on in-game dates like most people are doing, I am just playing it to prepare for AC3, and the fact that cliffhangers suck, so I like to sync-up the endings in order.

    I managed to find some free time to play the OG Assassins Creed, which I just finished, and this is my perspective on it:

    Apparently, like UBI said, this entire series was most likely planned from the jump. I didn't believe them at first, but when I played through AC for the 6th time some signs did show of things that were alluded to in later installments of the series, like when Vidic mentions "those who came before", we d…

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