Allright then, another freaky with a capital "P" dream occured to me last night. Same setting, in my room, and three glowing-red figures walk in, but the guy in the middle changes, he starts glowing gold. Then I yelled "50% OFF TEMPLAR ARTIFACTS ONLY AT WAL-MART!" and they ran away. I woke up after the last guy left the room. O.o?!? I'm as confused as you may be at the moment. Totally recording this stuff on a notepad file. Okay, so, what the hell! I've dreamt some freaky stuff but this... And I didn't even use my Xbox 360 the previous day! I suppose if i've delved into insanity, it's too late to go back. Might aswell reconnect my console then. Hell I should cool off my brain and play WoW or something. This is ridiculous. (0.o) <--- Mildly disturbed face

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