My Idea for a Future Assassin's Creed Game:

(Allright so call it what you want, spamming or repeated posting, I call it keeping my idea flowing :p)

There have been many spin-offs of the Assassin's Creed games allready, and more to come, so why not give my idea a shot eh Ubisoft? Taking you to the moment...

For the simplified version, scroll down.

Xerxes I of Persia wields a mighty Piece of Eden and abuses it to manipulate the minds of thousands and crush those who stand in his way.

Darius, Xerxes' son and Master Assassin, realizes that his father must be stopped.

In order to infiltrate Xerxes' palace, Darius needs a weapon that can be disguised as a wrist bracer.

Xerxes' ears and eyes (Spies) oversee Darius consorting with enemies of Persia. (secretly building the hidden blade)

Xerxes dispatches hundreds of soldiers to end Darius' plot.

Soldiers overthrow the small town in which Darius has taken refuge, killing everyone but Darius who managed to narrowly escape with the blade.

Darius makes his way to Xerxes' palace where he is arrested and imprisoned.

Xerxes requests that the prison guards leave so that the two can talk.

Xerxes gets too close and Darius stabs him.

Darius' work does not go unnoticed, thousands of slaves had been freed and the Piece of Eden is now held in Assassin hands.


Simplified Version:

Xerxes: rawrr me xerxes lol i pwn u all wif my apple

Darius: nuh-uh!!!111one11

Xerxes: yu-huh!!!!!!11one11

  • Xerxes dispatches hundreds of troops*

Soldiers: lol we totally pwn3d those nubz

  • Darius narrowly escapes the invaded city with his newly crafted hidden blade, only to be imprisoned hours later*

Xerxes: lol guards gtfo lemme talk to mah kid

Xerxes: blahblahblah *lectures* blah blah blah

  • Xerxes steps too close to Darius*

Darius: omg *Presses X*

  • Xerxes drops dead, the Piece of Eden conveniently rolling into Darius' cell*

Darius: OMG W3WT 3P1C L00T!!!111one111

Slaves: thx u fr33d us n stuff

Darius: np

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