Allright so I made a post earlier about the character as seen in the Sanctuary, Darius. I got a person's comment which concerned that if there was to be a new AC spin-off, it should be following an ancestor between the crusades and rennies era, related to Altaïr/Ezio/Desmond. Now there was a major event present between 1100's and late 1400's... Can you guess? The fall of the Knights Templar! Yes, it did occur, and it would be neat to follow a french assassin, but that's not where I'm headed right now.

In my opinion, there are many ways to make Darius fit into the storyline.

  • Jerusalem/Acre/Masayaf/ etc. were all present in the middle east, the reigon previously known as Persia, where this game would take place, it also could make sense of how Darius is related to Altaïr.
  • This game could take a much deeper look at how the rival factions came to be, seeing as it would be based over a thousand years before the crusades.
  • Sure playing as a Master Assassin is fun and all, but a retired emperor or an emperor's son (I don't know which Darius we'd follow) is much more eh... royal!
  • As I said in the earlier post, you can wear puffy-sleeved clothes and look good in the people's eyes doing so.
  • ... And who said turbans can't be fasionable?
  • Many people enjoyed the desert terrains of AC, well that's where this will be!

So tell me guys, would you buy this over CoD: MW 3? I know I sure would, but that's just me!