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  • BruteWithASpear

    (Allright so call it what you want, spamming or repeated posting, I call it keeping my idea flowing :p)

    There have been many spin-offs of the Assassin's Creed games allready, and more to come, so why not give my idea a shot eh Ubisoft? Taking you to the moment...

    Xerxes I of Persia wields a mighty Piece of Eden and abuses it to manipulate the minds of thousands and crush those who stand in his way.

    Darius, Xerxes' son and Master Assassin, realizes that his father must be stopped.

    In order to infiltrate Xerxes' palace, Darius needs a weapon that can be disguised as a wrist bracer.

    Xerxes' ears and eyes (Spies) oversee Darius consorting with enemies of Persia. (secretly building the hidden blade)

    Xerxes dispatches hundreds of soldiers to end Dariu…

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  • BruteWithASpear

    Allright then, another freaky with a capital "P" dream occured to me last night. Same setting, in my room, and three glowing-red figures walk in, but the guy in the middle changes, he starts glowing gold. Then I yelled "50% OFF TEMPLAR ARTIFACTS ONLY AT WAL-MART!" and they ran away. I woke up after the last guy left the room. O.o?!? I'm as confused as you may be at the moment. Totally recording this stuff on a notepad file. Okay, so, what the hell! I've dreamt some freaky stuff but this... And I didn't even use my Xbox 360 the previous day! I suppose if i've delved into insanity, it's too late to go back. Might aswell reconnect my console then. Hell I should cool off my brain and play WoW or something. This is ridiculous. (0.o)

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  • BruteWithASpear

    So... If you read my previous article you'd know that a few days back I had a dream where I was using Eagle Vision. Well the same thing happened again last night, but this time three glowing red figures came into my room and tried to kill me. I fought them to death with my 360 controller until eventually I woke up with my 18 lbs. cat on my chest and an opened bag of Ruffles to my right. I now know I REALLY need to lay off Assassin's Creed II for a while. Starting to scare me a bit, I'll loose my mind like 16 faster than you can type "wtf".( Note: No I do not do drugs of any sort, hell I'm not old enough to drink!) I'm gonna unhook my 360 and put it under my bed for a while. So uhh, brb!

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  • BruteWithASpear

    Allright so I made a post earlier about the character as seen in the Sanctuary, Darius. I got a person's comment which concerned that if there was to be a new AC spin-off, it should be following an ancestor between the crusades and rennies era, related to Altaïr/Ezio/Desmond. Now there was a major event present between 1100's and late 1400's... Can you guess? The fall of the Knights Templar! Yes, it did occur, and it would be neat to follow a french assassin, but that's not where I'm headed right now.

    In my opinion, there are many ways to make Darius fit into the storyline.

    • Jerusalem/Acre/Masayaf/ etc. were all present in the middle east, the reigon previously known as Persia, where this game would take place, it also could make sense of how…
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  • BruteWithASpear

    Right, so last night I had a pretty interesting dream. I was myself, in my bed, but everything was dark, besides my cat Sophie who was blue. I then toggled this freaky vision mode off and my cat was black and brown as normal. I then woke up, rubbed my eyes, and like Desmond, said "What. The. Fuck." In all honesty, I then realized I play too much ACII. I mean I get the Animus can trigger a bleeding effect, but I didn't know my 360 could! Geez, the next morning will I freerun to school? What do you think, should I lay off the games for a week and take a big nap, or should I continue to exploit these strange dreams until I loose my mind like 16?

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