Dear Brothers and Sisters,

first of all i would like to talk about the comments that some of you are leaveing, guess what i know i have crap grammer and i know i cant spell but also guess what i dont care.

Now then down to it, we all might have seen by now the leacked AC3 info, well if u have then what do you think, (leave a comment on that) do you like the newest edition to our ever growing family or do you not like the seeting and this connor miles or do you miss our mentor Ezio Auditore da Firenze, ( leave a comment on that ) also i know most of the world has already seen it but not its had time to settel and now we have info on Connor what do we think to mentors last few days in the world are we happy with them or do we think they could have done it differently and also what do you think to his speech, (leave a comment on this)

Here is Ezio speech:

" When i was a young man,

i had liberty but i did not see it.

I had time but i did not know it,

and i had love but i did not feel it.

Many decades would pass before i would understand the meaning of all three,

and now in the twilight of my life, this understanding has passed into contentment.

Love, Liberty and time once so disposable,

are the fuels that drive me forward and love most of all mio caro for you, our sweet children, our brothers and sister.

And for the vast and wonderful world that gave us life,

and keeps us guessing.

Endless affection, mio Sofia.

Forever yours Ezio Auditore."

so there we are people the speech that shock the world of Assassins and i know if i ask someone what is your fav moment out of all the games and vids with Ezio they say embers with his speech and i must agree with them because is it the nicest way to send of a member of our family and of our brotherhood.

what do you think to all this about there being a full length film in the works and also what about another game not being realsed for another couple of years.

let me know what you think and i bid you all good night.

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