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  • BlankDistortion

    Alright, so I decided to play through all of the games again, and just started not too long ago with Assassin's Creed. When you are having the 'trial' in front of the others, Al Mualim goes on about you breaking the Creed. Then at the end he stabs you in the stomach area, which according to the situation was meant to kill. After that, Altair awakes and is confused, asking questions. Al Mualim answered on with saying that Altair saw what he had wanted him to see. Because only moments before, the Apple was given to him, was the first in-game moment conerning the Apple's use?

    Considering it is the creator of 'real' illusions, it seems that this would be the only way Altair had survived, and awoke with no injury. I am not sure if this has been …

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