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    Costumes and Raiden from Metal Gear

    Raiden (from the Metal Gear Series) - Get a Bronze or better in all Virtual Training Challenges Florentine Noble Attire - Purchase for 2 Uplay tokens Altair (from Assassin's Creed) - Purchase for 2 Uplay tokens Altair's Armor - Purchase for 2 Uplay tokens Desmond Costume - Beat Sequence 8 with 100% Synch

    Brutus Dagger and Armor After getting the six Keys of Romulus in the Followers Lairs, search the vault below Prospero da Sierna's Borgia Tower.


    Beat Sequence 1 with 100% Synch - Ride the Unicorn / Turn all horses into Unicorns, weapons are electric Beat Sequence 2 with 100% Synch - Buns of Steal / Invincibility Beat Sequence 3 with 100% Synch - Killing Spree / Assassinations cannot be blocked…

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