' Hello Assassin's Creed fans. I don't exactly know if there will be a new protagonist for the upcoming Assassin's Creed Revelations but I want to make this blog and discuss with you guys about it. I am posting one of my ideas that I came up with really fast so, please comment and enjoy!'

  1. Japanese Assassin
  • Name: Oni Haski Murasaki
  • Location: Japan/Asia
  • Time Period: 17th Century (after the Renaissance)
  • Story: Main protagonist's father is an Assassin and samurai. Some how, the Assassins influenced Japan and there is now a branch of Assassins in the samurai society'. The protagonist's father learns that the shogun is fighting with the emperor and both of them calls the father to war. The dad goes to fight for the shogun'''. Then, the shogun wins war and shoots emperor. Then Shogun betrays his samurai army in hope of creating a new period of bloody war without Bushido. Protagonist hunts down shogun and kills some bad samurai along the way. Ubisoft can take it from there. By the way, if you ask how Desmond can be related to a Japanese person, maybe Claudia had a daughter, she was enslaved, sent to Japan, made love with a Japanese guy, and POP! Desmond's ancestor!

*New weapons: Ubisoft can decide on that. Hopefully they include something exciting like a garbling hook and shurikens can substitute throwing knives.

  • Other new stuff: Instead of thieves attacking you like in Brotherhood, have ninjas do it. Also, water spiders could have walking on water possible. Also, flash step is a good idea.

Again, please contribute some ideas and Ubisoft may consider some of them to make it the best Assassin's Creed game yet! But please, don't edit this, just comment.

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