Hey everyone! So I'm new here (but have been playing the games for a while). I spend most of my time on Glee Wiki, but that doesn't mean I'm some gay weirdo (well, i am a weirdo) so dont stereotype ;). Anyways, I just finished AC3 and don't really know what to think of the ending. I have been thinking about a AC4 could be like, though, and I have some strange ideas :P

First of all, I really want to see more of Connor but don't think there's too much excitement left in his history, so I think a new short movie should be made which shows him finding a wife, having kids, and training new Assassins :D. As for the actual new game, I think it would be really cool to see an Assassin in the future. I say this because I want to see a more modernized setting, but don't want the game to turn into Call of Duty and have us fighting with the guns we see on every movie and every other game (not many people use swords nowadays). But if the game was in the future, you could have really cool weapons like laser-ish guns that we saw a glimpse of the First Civilization using and maybe lightsaber-type swords. Also, the costume and armor would be really cool and original to see. I started thinking of possible storylines, and came up with two-

  • This first one I don't like much, and wouldn't really want to play. The game would take place in 2060 or something, and wouldn't feature an Animus-based character. The setting would be Earth after Juno took over and the humans failed to fight her off. There are hardly any humans left, and the remaining Templars are trying to make some sorrt of alliance with Juno to save themselves. The protagonist would be a young Assassin, trained by an older Rebecca and Shaun, who finally ends the conflict and kills Juno
  • The second one could be more like the first games we've had, but also a nice change. Desmond would somehow come back to life, and joins the rest of the Assassins in the new fight against Juno. However, they can't think of a way to beat her, and need some sort of help- so Desmond goes back in an upgraded Animus to try to find a way to destroy Juno and company. However, instead of going back in the past like before, he travels to the future to take control of one of his descendants in a dystopian and alternate future. His descendant would be using technology and artifacts powerful enough to beat Juno, and Desmond finds a way to create them in the present in order to make a better future for the Earth.

So yeah, there are some random ideas I came up with. I know they're horrible and never gonna happen, but what do you guys think? :P

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