I don't make blogs at all, but I felt like I had to make one for this matter.

First of all, my opinion on the overall game is that it's beautiful and stunning, and the plot is good as well. I play on the PC, and I have encountered a bug only 2 times, even though I play every day since the release. What troubles me is what other people think about it. I understand when it comes to bugs. I didn't encounter any, but if someone has, the game would become irritating to that person. What I am concerned about is the story, and Arno himself.

Many people say Arno is a one-dimensional character. He is, in the fact that his only drive is to be with Elise and protect her. Throughout the game it seems as if he is avenging his step-father, but near the end, it turns out all his actions came from his love for Elise. His charisma disappears as his step-father dies, and he only acts positive around Elise. He doesn't care much about himself at all. And in the end, he loses everything. Most importantly, Elise. (Napoleon remains, and he appears in the very end, but we don't know much about their friendship) Personally, the ending had quite an impact on me, and I felt really sorry for Arno (Yes, I know it is just a game, but I still care about fictional characters. Fiction exists so we could care about them). Not just that it is sad, but I think there could be a lot more complicated plot if she survived. This way, the only outcome is sadness. Arno's speech in the end was inspirational, but totally wrong, Arno empirically concluded it. He lost his father, step-father, and love interest and couldn't do much about it. These deaths were a part of something bigger. They would have happened even if his actions were different, so he couldn't really 'choose how hard was the path he walked'. I guess he could, he could have disliked everyone around him, that way he wouldn't feel sorry for anybody... but you get my point. It seems as the speech was just something randomly inspirational, because there should be something like that in the ending.

Although I would have preffered a different ending, I can accept this one, even though I think a happier one could be a lot better if it was pulled off correctly. This is just what I think. If I only wanted to hear my opinion, then I wouldn't put this here, so please, state your thoughts. I would love a sequel to Arno's story, but the reception he received worries me, and the possibility for the sequel is getting lower.

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