E3 2014 has ended and I have to say my experience was phenomenal. I got the chance to get live demos of numerous Ubisoft games as well as hands on and heres what I have to say.

While I would have loved to play the game, we were shown the four player Co-op gameplay that was shown at the Microsoft Press Conference as well as Singleplayer gameplay. One notable difference was that the gameplay was live and we were being talked through it.

The first notable aspect of the game is its beauty. It looks as pretty as a live action trailer of Assassin's Creed and works great too. With the release of next-gen, Ubisoft can now add crowds of people to the game in comparison to the crowds of Dead Rising.

While the Co-Op video didnt showcase anything different from the Conference, the singleplayer video sure did. It started with the game's protagonist on an extremely high building with no haystack below. This was no problem as the games new climbing system allowed the player to seamlessly get to the ground by moving in a manner akin to Spider-man. Its something you would have to see for yourself to fully understand and appreciate.

The crowd is a new emphasis in the series. Everyone in it has their place in the world. No more are they just there to hide your assassin in. They are constantly robbing, killing, fighting, etc. with one another and that adds a new layer of gameplay. The developers also told us that they plan to get back to the series roots of Stealth and have refined the combat system. No more can you simply wipe out dozens of enemies in unrealistic ways as the greater number of enemies is naturally harder to dispatch.

While this game is next-generation only, I am excited for it and cant wait for more information on it and the last-gen game (which is not a port of Unity by a completely new game), Assassin's Creed Comet. -- awyman13 Talk Work 06:58, June 15, 2014 (UTC)

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