1. Every morning you wake up, the very first thing you might think of is how many days remain until the release of the next installment .
  2. If you play on PC youve bought all the ACs for your steam account or you have them on your wishlist.
  3. Sometimes, you try to hide your left ring finger or even you have plans to remove it.
  4. You wear hoodies as your NO.1 outfit.
  5. When you hear the news like U.S Soldiers have killed Bin Ladin or The Google and Gmail are Blocked by Iranian goverment you Immediately say: The templars are behind this.
  6. You always jump the stairs.
  7. You own a switchblade or a hidden blade(Oh really?).
  8. When you are playing any of ACs you always hold X/Square/Left mouse button, while running.
  9. AC1 is still your most favorite.
  10. You always do your best to kill the targets with the hidden blade .
  11. This webpage is in your list of the most visited webpages.
  12. You use dialogues from the ACs in your daily conversations.
  13. When your girlfriend/boyfriend cheats on you(Well, if you got any), You'll yell at her/him :I'll kill you for what you've done!
  14. You're username on forums, websites etc. is influenced by AC characters.
  15. You read blog posts about AC addiction!

P.S:Nobody is perfect so forgive me for possible grammatical errors.