Assassin of persia

aka Javad

  • I live in On the Earth
  • I was born on April 5
  • I am Male
  • Assassin of persia
    1. Every morning you wake up, the very first thing you might think of is how many days remain until the release of the next installment .
    2. If you play on PC youve bought all the ACs for your steam account or you have them on your wishlist.
    3. Sometimes, you try to hide your left ring finger or even you have plans to remove it.
    4. You wear hoodies as your NO.1 outfit.
    5. When you hear the news like U.S Soldiers have killed Bin Ladin or The Google and Gmail are Blocked by Iranian goverment you Immediately say: The templars are behind this.
    6. You always jump the stairs.
    7. You own a switchblade or a hidden blade(Oh really?).
    8. When you are playing any of ACs you always hold X/Square/Left mouse button, while running.
    9. AC1 is still your most favorite.
    10. You always do your best t…
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  • Assassin of persia

    When i was a kid my parents bought me playstation on my tenth birtday but nowadays top games aren't produced for this consul and now i'm playing with my pc but i tired of this i intend to buy a consul which i can play AC on it of course which one do you guys suggest?? by the way for me money is not an isssue

    so tell me i trust you guys much more than yahoo answer or whatever it is so which one Xbox360 or PS3

    and why?


    I just wanna say one word "thank…

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  • Assassin of persia

    Another fu***** glitch

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  • Assassin of persia

    Hi my assassins friends

    Can anyone remember in ACI in the first memory after that Altair and his friends took leap of faith and land at down of the castle?

    If you check it out you'll see some ropes above the beams(in the picture)

    I wonder why do they exist???are they left for Ezio?

    Look at the end of the cinematic demo we see that Ezio is standing on one of the platforms and he might jump

    Ezio has HOOKBLADE now so you think those ropes are left for Ezio to use?

    I think so

    (sorry for the broken English)

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  • Assassin of persia

    Hey guys

    I've bought ACB for PC but I can't play the multiplayer mode on the offline mode just like DLC(Da vinci I mean) because the Internet speed in my country is too low what can I do am I able to play them on the offline mode?

    please tell me how if you knew

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