• Assassin for the argonauts

    I just finished playing AC:Rogue's main story line and I'm pleasantly surprised.

    I was not originally going to buy Rogue as it seemed to just be milked out DLC but after reading the reviews (and only have a last-gen console) I thought I'd give it a go.

    It feels like it's own game. Whilst the gameplay is naturally similar to Black Flag and Freedom Cry it the character is distinctive enough (although the accent is a little too cliche at times!) and dominating enough that it doesn't feel like a repeat performance. It it frustrating that there is no real choice in main combat - hidden blades and sword&dagger are good but why couldn't we just have the sword or just have the dagger as combat options too? When raiding ships and stealth isn't an opt…

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  • Assassin for the argonauts

    Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag Review

    Spoiler Free Summary

    ACIV is the game the pirate genre has been begging for. Visually, acoustically and experientially brilliant. The range of things to do, the true sandbox nature of the game as well as continually impressive play style and variety make it one of the best games I have ever played. And whilst it does make the best use of assassin’s creed play style (which works fantastically in this setting) and resurrects well-loved parts from previous games (imitating glyphs and rifts as well as elements similar to the Truth) it does forget it’s a series based on Assassins for the most part. But still frustrations with the story are a minor factor to be expected in phase 6 of an on-going series which …

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  • Assassin for the argonauts

    First of all, all the comments bellow are comments about ACIV as we know it stands now (29/5/13) - which is not a lot, hence some of the concerns.

    Primarily - what's the point? ACI lead into ACII with the messages left by Clay, ACII into ACB with Minerva's message, ACB into ACR with the stabbing of Lucy and ACR into ACIII with the synch nexus and the grand temple.

    ACIII into ACIV seems...a stretch. Arguably the plot, the story of Desmond is over, if the series was a novel I could see this as an ending and we'd move on. It seems very odd to switch protagonist part-way through a series (in an obvious way, many other games do it in a subtle 'reincarnation' or unemployment/re-remployment way).

    Yes, Juno has been 'released' on the world and everyt…

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  • Assassin for the argonauts

    Reviewing ACIII - lots of spoilers

    Hey guys first of all this is my first blog so apologies for any mistakes, feedbake will be appreciated.

    I'm going to start off with saying - ACIII in my eyes is a good 7.5/10 (that's quite complementary in my eyes, but it has lost points for things which were seriously lacking from its predecessors)

    Things I liked!

    ACIII really impressed me for many reasons and I'm going to do a list of them here to start on a good note!

    1.ACIII has greatly improved combat!

    I like the new counters, the uniqueness of the tactics and the environmental interactions were really good, it was a nice step up from Ezio and introduced lots of neat ideas which I would like to see more of in the future (the issues with combat are listed b…

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