If the siege of Viana does appear in Brotherhood, which it should, what do you think it will be like? Do you think Ezio and Cesare will fight inside the city walls or outside at the Papal camp? Do you think it will be epic and destructive, with cannons and guns? Do you think you will fight any Spanish Guards? Do you think that the siege of Viana will be one of the best missions in the game?

And also I need help, I tried to look up the siege of Viana on the internet, but I can't I find any information on the event. If anybody knows a website I can look at and get information of the siege of Viana, then please, please let me know or post a link. Thank you.

Also do you like my story on Brotherhood so far? I have done three parts. They are called...

  • A Brotherhood of heretics
  • A Blade of an Assassin
  • An old friend

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