It has been a two months since Marco Domenico join the Assassin Order, after Ezio Auditore Da Firenze had saved his life. After Ezio saved Marco he was send to Tiber Island, the Assassin headquaters, where Nicolo Machiavelli, another Assassin introduced him into the Brotherhood. Marco was only the third recruit, the other two were Nestore Nucci and Paolo Simoni, both were also being bullied by Papal Guards, Marco instantly became friends with them both. Marco had only been send on one mission to London where he and Paolo had to "take care" of a Borgia Commander and engineer, who were trying to make a weapons trade, the mission was successful, mainly thanks to Paolo who had been trained two months earlier than Marco. Marco had only been trained simple combat moves, some counter attacks and side stepping, he had only been given some simple equipment, a common sword, five smoke bombs, medicine and the Hidden Blade, the ancient Assassin Weapon which each member of the Brotherhood wielded.

"Marco, we have a new mission". Informed Nestore. "What is it"? Asked Marco. "Ezio needs are help. The Borgia tower in downtown Rome is being heavily guarded, to much for Ezio to handle alone. Ezio will blow up the tower while we keep the Guards busy". Explained Nestore. "Sounds good, I will go and let Paolo know".

Ezio and his Apprentices made there way to the tower, Ezio had been blowing some of the Borgia towers up to free the disricts from the Borgia influence. Ezio had already told Marco, Paolo and Nestore about the execution of his Father and Brothers, how Rodrigo Borgia and the other Templars set his family up and how he had been taking revenge of the men responsible for twenty three years and the siege of Monteriggioni and Cesare Borgia, Rodrigos son and Ezio's nemesis killed his Uncle Mario, and the Battle of Forli and the Bonfire of the Vanities, all of his adventures and battles from Firenze to Venezia. "Here is the plan". Explained Ezio. "Marco you will distract the Guards, kill the first few who try to attack you, then Nestore and Paolo you will both air assassinate the commanders, then while you are all fighting them I will make my way to the top of the tower blow it up and escape by a leap by faith, the towers destruction will attract more guards, I will arrive to fight them all off while you three will escape. Understand"? Ezio said. "Understand". Said Marco, Nestore and Paolo.

"Hey fica"! Shouted Marco to the Guards. The Commanders ordered three of the guards to kill Marco. The Guards drawed their swords and so did Marco, Marco side stepped the first guard then he stabbed him from behind. the second got cut in the stomach, then Marco punched him in the face a slashed his back, killing the guard instantly. Marco then stabbed the third guard in the right shoulder and then Marco kicked him away. All the other guards drawed their sword instantly once Marco killed them, then Nestore and Paolo ascended from above and assassinated the two main commanding guards. Then as Nestore, Marco and Paolo were all fighting the guards a loud banging sound came from behind them, they all knew what that means, Ezio had succeeded with blowing up the Borgia tower. As the tower fell, burning with fire, Nestore, Marco and Paolo made their escape in a falsh of smoke. The guards were about to go looking for them then Ezio double air assassinated two guards and fought all of them at once with no help, even with the extra guards that were coming to sight of the fallen tower Ezio over powered them all with a sharp sword and a Hidden Blade.

With the tower destroyed and the Assassins victorious, the Borgia influence over downtown Roma decreased and the Assassin's had a advantage.

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