With the release of Brotherhood getting closer and closer I am begining to come up with some thoughts and some of them I wish or think will happen in Brotherhood, here they are.

1 - Like other multiplayer characters I really want the Harlequin to appear in the single-player too, but not as a assassination target, as a allie of the Assassin's.

2 - I don't think Subject 16 is dead, I have reason to believe this because of the trophey earned for finshing all of his puzzles, once translated from morse code to English it reads "IAMALIVE".

3 - I think it would be a good idea to see Perotto Calderon make a apperance in Brotherhood too, maybe he is Ezio's "personal assassin", (very unlikely but you never know).

4 - Desmond developes into a badass, finally =P

If you have any predictions on Brotherhood please let me know and if you agree with me on my own thoughts to Brotherhood (except the Desmond one, only a joke) then also let me know. ; )

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