Waking up at the peak of dawn in Roma, Marco Domenico was awakened by the painfully loud Church bells that always seemed to go off. Tired, Marco remembered his arrand, he had to deliver a package to Borgia Papal commander, as Marco was a Papal courier, it was hard, painful work, he hardly ever earned good money, however Marco needed a job and money to survive in Roma.

Marco, like most citizens in Roma was living in misery and despair under the Borgias' influential control. Everyone was being constantly bullied, Marco would get harassed often by Papal guard, like many others, this made the people of Roma scared, desperate to stay alive. Marco did however have many good friends, that he cared for, but his friends are now gone. Some would leave Roma to start a new life in Firenze, Milano or Venezia, one of Marco's closed friends, Juliano Migliore stood up to a Papal guard when they were harassing a young man, as a result of this Juliano was taken by the guards and hung for heresy, Marco was devastated. Marco hoped for justice and the Borgia rule to end.

As Marco ran through the decrepit streets of Roma attempted to reach the Papal guard he was supossed to deliver the package to yesterday (but instead got drunk) finaly he reached the guard stationed near a small inn, "I'm so sorry signore, I had to take care off important matters the day before" explained Marco breathing heavily with the look of fear in his eyes. "Ah, so you have finaly delivered the package that was supposed to be delivered to me yesterday? You delay it to take care of some pathetic matters of your own!" The Papal commander shouted. "I'm really sorry signore, it won't happen again" Marco desperately explained,Marco tried to leave but the commander grabed his arm "You need to learn your lesson". The other two Papal guards grabed Marco by both his arms and restrained him, then the commander began punching him. "What are you doing!? Let go off me now!" Demanded Marco. Marco tried to throw the guards away, but the more he struggled the harder the commander punched him. Marco was terrified, then the commander drawed his sword.

As the commander was about to kill Marco a white hooded man pounced on the commander and drove a blade into his throat, as soon a the hooded man killed the commander the other two guards let go off Marco's arms and drawed their swords, suddenly two other hooded indiviuals lunged at the guards from above and killed them. It happened so quickly, Marco was so confused. The other two hooded men ran off once the Guards were dead, the other stayed and helped Marco off the ground. "Assassino!" Screamed Marco. "I murdered the men that were going to kill you." said the Assassin in and strange, wise voice. "Who are you"? asked Marco. "I am Ezio Auditore da Firenze and I am the leader of the Assassin order" explained Ezio.

"Why did you save me?" asked a confused Marco "Because they were going to kill you. I came here to liberate Roma from the Borgia rule, will you join me and stand against the Borgia?" Asked Ezio. "What!? I not a killer, I have never fought before" said a surprised Marco "We will train you" said Ezio. "No, I can't" said Marco. "Fine, but the people are scared, they are losing their friends and family, Roma needs to be free of this oppression". Ezio began to walk away. "Wait!" Marco shouted. "I...I...will join you"... said Marco "Are you sure"? Asked Ezio. "Yes, I will become an Assassin". "Then seek Niccolò Machiavelli at Isola Tiberina, you will become an Assassin".

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