A week after Ezio and his Apprentices destroyed the Borgia tower in downtown Roma the Borgia influence over downtown decreased greatly, as crime reduced and shops began to re-open the Assassin's had a advantage. Ezio also recruited two more rebels, Giovanni Migliore and Bastano Pulci. Currently Nestore, Marco, Giovanni, Paolo and Bastano were on a mission in Barcelona to stop a Supreme Borgia Commander and his troops from making a secret weapons trade with some the of Spanish Guards.

"Nicolo" said Ezio. "What is it, Ezio"? Replied Nicolo Machiavelli. "I need to go and meet up with a old friend. How are the recruits doing in Barcelona"? Asked Ezio. "So far they are all fine, Marco and Giovanni have tracked down the Supreme Borgia Commanders second Lieutenant" explained Nicolo. "Good" said Ezio. "I will see you soon, I need to take care of some business".

As Ezio waited in the downtown district he heard a familiar voice. "Ezio, my good friend". "Leonardo" said Ezio. "How are you my friend"? Asked Leonardo Da Vinci. "I am well and you" asked Ezio. "I am good too my friend. How did your work in Monte Circeo go"? Asked Leonardo. "Very well my friend, the machine is now safely in Assassins Hands" said Ezio. "Good, but I called you here for something else" said Leonardo. "What"? Asked Ezio. "Do you remember Venezia in the year 1485"? Asked Leonardo. "Of course, that is the year I killed Emilio Barbarigo and Carlo Grimaldi" said Ezio. "Yes, but remember my flying machine"? Asked Leonardo. "How could I forget, why do you ask"? Said Ezio. "When I moved to Roma and was forced into service for the Borgia Cesare saw my design and sketches for the machine, I was forced to build another one. The flying machine is being stored at a Papal miltary base North in the Papal district" Leonardo explained. "So why do you need my help" asked Ezio. "I need you to destroy it and the designs" said Leonardo. "Are you sure you want it destroyed, Leonardo"? Asked Ezio. "I'm sure" said Leonardo. "Bene, I will take care of it"

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