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  • The Supreme Diamond-Hooded Eagle

    Alright everyone, I am filling in now, sorry again, Crims, for forgetting the polls, :(

    So, let's skip directly to the polls! :) 

    Also, forgive me for not having the Caption Contest, but lack of images and a crappy laptop is not a good combo.

    If you want to, you can help the polls by submitting your own polls, right here . Thanks, and have an awesome day!

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  • The Supreme Diamond-Hooded Eagle

    Hi! First of all, I just want to say Merry Christmas, and hopefully you get what you want. :D

    Anyways. I was just wondering, for AC:3, what would YOUR dream edition contain, and what should it be called? Mine would be: The Hidden Blade Edition, which would contain :

    • One Hidden Blade/Shockblade with Black bracer.
    • Extra outfits for the Ancestor to wear, (For example: Enemy outfit which reduces Notoriety)
    • Capacity Upgrades
    • Exclusive weapon, like: Hidden Bomb thrower,
    • And loads of other upgrades and an Desmond mission, which actually would be interesting, like Exploring the Grand Temple much like you explored Monteriggioni in AC:B.
    • And an extra thing,like an AC:3 Novel, which INCLUDES Desmond, maybe an Desmond Novel?(Well, that would be two things)


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  • The Supreme Diamond-Hooded Eagle

    Well, Hi! I'm the AssassinHood, and I'll be writing about funny stuff that happened in my game.

    Desmond's Scream

    Well, as you could guess, it's about Desmond screaming and that's really funny shit!

    I mean, in the memory where Ezio goes to Cappadocia, at the Ships, Yusuf comes to your aid. But he pushes me down int the water which make me barely reach the ship in time. Stay tuned for more!

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  • The Supreme Diamond-Hooded Eagle

    Hello, Hello! This is Hoodie and I'm going to tell you about my AC:R.

    I play on the PC and I got my game December the first, but with some extras, both good and bad.

    Game was below expectations=Very, very bad.

    Now, I preordered my game at Gamestop, the Animus Edition, and there was some problems.

    First of all, I was promised Altaïr's skin, but I never got it. Instead, I got the crappy Armor of Brutus, or as I call it, the Armor of Ballerina. Oh, boy... they should've gotten the Armor of Altaïr instead. Then, the Encyclopedia.

    o_O What the... ?! I waited for the game, it got delayed and now this?! The guys here should've made that frickin' Encylopedia! The only good thing was the capacity upgrades and the multiplayer. Goddamn it, Piggyback was …

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