Hey fellow Assassins here I wanted to talk about the combat in Assassin's Creed and things Ubisoft should consider bringing back to their next game.(as they no doubt finished working on AC:U)

Defense break

This skill is what made the enemies in the game actually dangerous which is not prevalent description of enemies in future games. This skill did not allow the player to stand idle and just hold the action button as higher level enemies, such as templars or captains, can break your defense and get a free hit on you unless you dodge. This free hit usually follows up with a heavy attack then a punch in the face, which would take the player health down a tremendous amount if not proficient in combat. This skill is also provided to the player and is great if you don't want to only counter kill the fights are actually fast paced with a lot of enemies giving you a variety of ways to kill enemies with this next skill...

Combo kill

This is the best feature in the game with each clash of the sword, between you and enemy, on impact the player would press the attack button again and would successfully do this unltil a kill animation. For the complaining at the time when the game was out peole were obviously not using this feature a lot this kept the combat going. Usually after an attack the opponent would try to attack and you either counter or get hit.  Higher level enemies also had access to this skill using hit, follows up with a heavy attack, then a punch in the face. Sometimes when you try to combo kill an higher level enemy they can hit you to stop it, that definitely made enemies harder


I have nooo idea why this was taken out of future games this gave other options other than counter kill. This was also fun with enemies this was used to balance the defence break mechanic, also you can get into a little dance with enemies dodging back and forth.


There was variety in Assassin's Creed for example with counter kill if you counter a heavy attack you can press a(or x on ps3) to break their legs of even just press the attack button to finish the kill. Even after breaking their legs you had the choice of ending their suffering by evidently assassinating them or let them suffer. Grab break from the enemy also gave the game some difficulty.


Basically bring these back! with some next gen touch. So did you guys like the combat from AC1 or are you glad it is gone?

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