-Spoiler for anyone who has not finished AC3-

Ok before I start writing please don't criticize or talk about me complaining, and stay on topic rather than insulting which seems to happen a lot on this wiki.


Ok so AC3 is released and the thing we have been waiting for is for Desmond to finally do Assassin things and live up to the name. Problem being that was not done in this game Connor took all the highlights which is good I like Connor but Desmond, this is his last game the least they could have done was let a man have his highlights. I know you could say he did not have enough time to do a lot of things considering the end of the world was approaching fast but we have been waiting for this guy to do something spectacular I honestly had more fun with him in Brotherhood rather than AC3. So in this blog I'm just going to be talking about the missions and the disapointments I had with his missions and mistakes Ubisoft made.

Mission 1 - Freedom tower

So for the first mission freedom tower I essentially had no problems except until landing on the building after parachuting.I was kind of hoping we actually sneak our way to the office rather than fade to black and appear at the office, gameplay could have been fun and different that what we are used to. Next we get to the office Desmond breaks the case(nice job at not leaving any tracks) and are "#1 operative" comes but gets easily outmatched.... thats it? the way Cross was talked about in initiates it did not seem possible. Then Desmond escapes I was thinking "oh cool we slip out with the building on alert" but the screen fades and we are automatically back at the Grand temple, cmon Ubisoft could have thought of something I mean how did he get out the building, then to the van, and then back at GT unscathed terrible ending to the mission.

Mission 2 - Brazil

Second mission is probably the best for me but with two flaws the escape from Brazil and our "#1 operative". So in Initiates it shows that the team escaped by boat but the mission ended with Desmond leaving by train I know there was not a train leading straight to the port Ubisoft could have done something like get the to the boat undetected and escape. Second flaw, I'm probably just complaining a little much here but Cross wasted a whole clip to a unarmed man and then threw the gun....what the f**k? he obviously had the upper hand and for the fight with Cross I think it should have been different not the same as Connor and not as easy to beat Cross should be the same or higher level than Desmond. But this still is the best mission out of the three.

Mission 3 - Abstergo

Finally the worst, most flawed, and stupid mission, Abstergo. OK first we go head first into the #1 corperation in the entire world with no guns or special technology just a knife and hidden blade. We did not try sneaking in or a different tactic? and the flaw with this is the f**king mentor of the Assassins is captured yet no other assassins tried to rescue him what the hell?! did Harlan not like him anymore or something to make team for rescue? Next Desmond goes in a hostile elevator Ubisoft even pointed this out and did not try to change it. Guess what? our #1 operative is back and sucks even more now ok so Daniel knowing Desmond is coming did not prepare any meds of anything to make sure he does not lose his mind while on this important mission.. really? number one operative my a$$ and the guys death was so bland like he was just any regular person. Next is the guards so Vidic authorized deadly force why no one used it? the guards just kept attacking a armed man with batons and not used their guns which shot like f**cking flintlocks(seriously Ubisoft? too lazy to change the playstyle?). Last was how unimportant Abstergo seemed they are the biggest corperation in the world yet no police or anything Desmond just waltz out of Italy and back to the GT.


  • So the missions does not make the game better Connor is the sole protagonist in this game to me
  • Ubisoft was too lazy with Desmond in my opinion
  • Should have created a new style to playing for modern times
  • Daniel sucks (in this game not as a character)
  • Ending sucks (did not need a paragraph for that)

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